Widen Your Market With Our E-Commerce Solutions

Widen Your Market With E-Commerce Solutions

Since Y2K, the evolution of E-Commerce has been radical. E-Commerce has given people and businesses the ability to reach anyone and everyone.

At BLOOM we have identified two E-Commerce platform leaders Shopify and HubSpot Commerce Hub. We have launched ourselves at mastering all their tricks and quirks so that our clients get the very best outcome. BLOOM's tailored approach means we don't just set up your store; we transform it into a thriving digital marketplace. Our strategies are designed not only to attract your ideal customers but also to turn their visits into conversions and their conversions into loyal advocates for your brand.

Different businesses will require different E-Commerce solutions, be it B2B or B2C. As accredited Shopify Partners and HubSpot Gold Parter we can help guide you in making the right platform choice for your business.

With BLOOM, you're not just opening an online store; you're expanding your customer base and embarking on a journey to amplify your online presence and sales.


Let us be the architects of your digital success story, crafting a unique online experience that captivates and converts.



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Customised Commerce Solutions Customised Commerce Solutions
Customised Commerce Solutions

BLOOM brings specialised expertise and experience in implementing commerce solutions, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

BLOOM can help you analyse your business requirements and align them with the capabilities of HubSpot's commerce hub. 

We can provide guidance on how

  • to best structure your CRM, CMS, and marketing assets within the platform, taking into account your unique business needs and goals. 
  • data migration from existing systems to HubSpot, ensuring a seamless transition without any loss or disruption
  • map and transfer your customer data, product catalogues, marketing asset
  • provide custom integrations, advanced analytics capabilities, and optimisation strategies to maximise the effectiveness of your commerce operations.
On-Going Support On-Going Support (2)
On-Going Support

At BLOOM, we don't just hand over the keys to your new E-Commerce platform and wish you luck; we ensure you're fully equipped to drive your digital success.

Our team of experts specialises in building and implementing E-Commerce solutions tailored to your unique needs. But our commitment to your growth doesn't stop there. We believe in empowering you, so we offer comprehensive training to make you proficient in navigating and maximising your new system.

We understand the journey doesn't end with training. As you evolve, questions and challenges may arise. That's where our promise of continuous support comes into play. Consider BLOOM an extension of your team, a partner always within reach to provide expert advice, technical support, or even a brainstorming session to ensure your E-Commerce venture thrives. 

HubSpot HubSpot (2)
HubSpot | Centralised

One key benefit of having a commerce hub in HubSpot is the ability to centralise your CRM, CMS, and marketing assets. Instead of maintaining separate systems for each function, you can bring them all together under one roof.

Centralisation eliminates the need for manual data transfers or synchronisation between different platforms. Your CRM data, including customer profiles, purchase history, and contact information, seamlessly integrates with your CMS and marketing assets. This integration allows for a more holistic view of your customers and enables you to create personalised experiences based on their preferences and behaviours.

HubSpot HubSpot (2)
HubSpot | Increase Visibility and Accuracy

Implementing Commerce Hub alongside your CRM Hub, Marketing Hub, and CMS Hub serves as a single source of truth for your commerce activities. It provides a unified view of your business data and facilitates seamless coordination between different teams and departments.

You can streamline your business processes and improve operational efficiency. Instead of managing separate systems and tools for CRM, CMS, and marketing assets, you can consolidate all these functions within one platform. This consolidation saves time and effort and ensures data accuracy and consistency across different touchpoints.

Shopify Shopify (2)
Shopify | Customisable 
At BLOOM, we elevate your online presence by harnessing the power of Shopify's fully customisable templates.
Our expertise in Shopify website builds sets us apart, turning your e-commerce dreams into reality. We understand that your business is unique, so we take advantage of Shopify's versatile toolkit to create a digital storefront that reflects your brand's identity and captivates your target audience.
By partnering with us, you're not just expanding your market reach; you're also creating an unforgettable online shopping experience. Let BLOOM be your guide in navigating the vast e-commerce landscape, and together, we'll take your business to new heights. 
Shopify Shopify (2)
Shopify | All In One

Elevate your online business with a platform that does it all. Shopify isn't just a website builder; it's a comprehensive e-commerce solution designed to streamline every aspect of your online store.

From eye-catching marketing strategies and secure payment gateways to reliable shipping options and everything in between, Shopify ensures your business operations are smooth and efficient.

But why stop at just functionality? Let BLOOM take your Shopify experience to the next level by crafting an E-Commerce Store that doesn't just work seamlessly for you but provides an unparalleled shopping experience for your customers.

With BLOOM, your store will be more than just a place to shop; it'll be a destination that keeps them returning for more.

Contact us for a free SEO Performance Assessment.

Database Management
Database Management
Marketing, Sales and Service Automation BLOOM are Certified Hubspot Specialists

A secure database has become a vital part of business, but how do you move into the digital world while staying secure?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a single place to host your data (goodbye spreadsheets!). By using a CRM system for Sales, Marketing, Service or a combination of any of these, your business can make smarter decisions.

Segment sales pipelines or manage your sales team
Manage your marketing efforts and distribute campaigns
Host your customer service all from one user friendly system.
e-Commerce Store Build/Maintenance
BLOOM are your Shopify Experts.

Already have bricks and mortar? Or launching your store online only?

Either way, BLOOM Shopify experts can complete the full build and ongoing maintenance for Shopify websites.
e-Commerce is becoming increasingly important, especially with the growth of internet users worldwide. Integrating an e-commerce platform with an existing Brick and Mortar store, or even creating an online only business is a great way to reach a large network of people 24/7.

If you are starting out with a Basic Shopify Plan or ready to jump into Shopify Plus, BLOOM does it all.

We know it isn't just about the website too, so work with us on your launch plan and marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd.

Social Media
Social Media Advertising and Content Creation
Facebook, Instagram & TikTok

Social trends are changing at the speed of light. Let the power of social media work for you, not drag you down. Get the most our of your Social Media Platforms and Meta Business Suite.

BLOOM Social team manage:

  • Content Planning
  • Launch Plans
  • Content Creation
  • Scheduling
  • Manage Campaigns
  • Organic Posts
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media Management

Successful content must be consistent with the brand to attract likes and shares. BLOOM will ensure Social Media Strategies are inline with your business goals to ensure a consistent message is conveyed.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Boost your Online Visibility and meet your SEO needs.

Why is SEO so important? Well, let me answer that question with a question… who ever looks on page two of Google?

If you don’t find what you are looking for on page one, usually you’re heading back to the search bar… am I right?

Make the most of organic clicks and ensure that future customers can find your company online. Utilise Google Search to find new customers and differentiate yourself from the competition.

SEO makes your site more visible and yes you do still need SEO even if you are paying for Google Ads. SEO requires regular attention to stay up to date, this is where we can help. BLOOM can assist with a one off audit of your SEO and/or manage ongoing monthly SEO requirements.

Website Performance Audit
Website Performance Audit
This comprehensive audit will take a holistic view of your website performance, traffic trends and backend analytics.

This comprehensive audit will take a holistic view of your website performance, traffic trends and backend analytics.

Our SEO audit evaluates your website's capacity to appear as a search result for relevant keywords and phrases.

There are several elements that influence where your website ranks. The audit examines each one to determine whether there are any flaws that need to be addressed or improvements that may be made. The audit will include but not limited to:

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Technical Basics & Site Speed
  • Google Crawling/Indexing
  • Meta and structured data
  • Site content (technical perspective)
  • Canonicalisation
  • Links, navigation & Backlink analysis
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Keyword Ranking
Hubspot Audit Performance Audit-1
Google Services
Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Console, Google My Business, Google Tag Manager, and Google Optimise.

With our expert guidance, you can unlock the full potential of these tools and reach a wider audience than ever before.

Our Google services include:

Google Ads: Optimise ads, ensuring your business gets noticed by potential customers.

Google Analytics: Gain valuable website insights, track marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to improve online presence.

Google My Business: We set up and optimise Google My Business profile, ensuring that your business appears in Google Maps and local search results.

Google Tag Manager: Track user behaviour and gain a deeper understanding of your audience's needs and preferences.

Google Optimise: Test and optimise website content and design to improve user engagement and conversion rates.


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