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Bloom Transitions is a lean team of high performers.

I am Lucy Strack, founder & do’er of BLOOM Transitions and I am invested in making your business thrive.

With a background in elite sport, I bring a high-performance attitude to your business.

Every business is different, with varying capabilities and resources. Our team are here for project work or to guide you along the digital journey. We have system specialists in Shopify, Wordpress, and Hubspot and we specialise in website builds and maintenance, CRM and SEO.

BLOOM work with you to identify your needs and capabilities.

Depending on your requirements, BLOOM can do the heavy lifting of set-up and implementation, then, either train and empower your team or rely on us for your ongoing maintenance.

ecommerce/crm module
Already have bricks and mortar Or launching your store online only Either way, Bloom can complete the full build and ongoing maintenance.

Running a business isn't a sprint, so make sure it’s equipped to go the distance. 

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to ensure your success.

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Are you getting ready for growth and expansion? Or maybe you are finally ready to ditch the manual spreadsheets? Let’s chat about your best options and see how our solution partners can work for you. At BLOOM we are Hubspot certified partners and Shopify partners. This ensures our customers will receive the most out of these platforms.


Bloom Transitions

Mission Statement

Bloom Transitions was born from the world that COVID created. CRM systems, Marketing Automation and E-commerce stores are our passion, but the end goal is to give businesses better visibility of what is going on... simple right!?

At Bloom we embrace the desire to work flexibly, we encourage a client case that spans from every corner of the world, and we strive to deliver efficiency through technology to all.

The people here at Bloom Transitions are hard-working, trustworthy, and ohhhhh we have fun. We treat people with respect and recognise that no matter what industry you play in, your success boils down to your people. Our clients choose us not solely because we deliver, but because we deliver what we said we’d deliver and we do it with a smile.

Join the Bloom family and take comfort in knowing you’re not just a number, another dollar, or another closed deal….you’re a human, who runs a business with the desire to improve and we’re the ones who can deliver.

Are you ready? We are. 

Let's chat!